Cowboys and Indians (Playing Indian) single

“Cowboys and Indians… that’s a great little track - I've got a lot of time for that! And the Indian chants at the end are great – Magpie22? – Nice!”  Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol

"... atmospheric... a great story line so the lyrics are very important and need to be listened to... Dawn’s voice is very strong and the music too is excellent making for a very expressive, enjoyable and memorable song and one that will no doubt evoke a few emotions." Jelli Records

What they're saying...

“Clever songwriting and interwoven harmonies make this perfect, easy listening, on its way to the next great summer festival. Hopefully they will be on one of the stages I manage next year. Great to work with and consummate professionals.” Trevor Turvey -Sealey, Stage and Artist Management

“Awesomely refreshing retro late 60's style and places emphasis on songwriting… reminiscent of Joan Baez on the ballads…. Nice job, y'all!” Greebly Mork, USA Songwriters Assoc.

“Thank you for keeping our cyclists entertained throughout the day! And for being so understanding about the mix up regarding our stage equipment…incredibly optimistic and accommodating! I hope you’ll come back next year :)” Tabitha Dickson, Events, British Cycling

Love the vocals, harmonies… I really like it… a distinctive sound… chord progressions blend beautifully. Lyrical composition with layers of deeper meaning (I really liked that!)” Oz Cahill, GisaBreak Event Management

"It's when I see such talented people as yourselves that I feel Simon Cowell must die for crimes against music and creativity. Absolutely love your material. Hugs all round." Mike Newman

"Consummate Professionals with a Unique Sound… (They like Shiny objects...!) DeafBoy1

 "Fantastic music from some fantastic singer songwriters" Jon Parsons

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These Kind of Days live in the studio EP